About Us

Our business first began making quality log furniture in 1986. Originally known as Rocky Mountain Lodgepole Furniture, we created new designs and furniture pieces based on consumer interest. In late 2008, we changed our name to Log Furniture Wyoming to represent the reinvention of our business ideals, including relatively low costs for enduring and usable furniture.

Now run as a family business, we strive to provide other families with the comfort and strength of furniture that lasts through generations. We pay the utmost attention to detail through the entire process from rough-cut log to final product. We are proud and have faith in these unique log furniture pieces. 

Our logs start out as full trees which we mill down to different diameters on our custom 8-foot lathe. These logs are then sanded several times through a round pole sander to create straight, perfectly round logs. We then drill these logs and prep them for assembly by hand-sanding them with close attention to detail. The logs are lag-bolted together, given a final inspection, and then finished with two-coats of high-gloss lacquer. 

Our furniture is made from lodgepole pine on a made-to-order basis, so we can help you with any custom orders. You have the final choice in the look. Depending on your personal preference, we can build your order to be "clean" (free of bark) or rustic, which includes bark or gray streaking. All our furniture comes standard with two coats of high-gloss lacquer. We also offer a variety of stains ranging from yellow to red to dark brown.

Check out our Photo Gallery to see our products, styles, and stains.

Our Process

We receive cut, often warped lodgepole pine poles in varying degrees of cut. These poles are deadfall that needs to be removed from the surrounding countryside. Most of our wood comes from Wyoming.

A worker trims and cuts a pole on the lathe.

From the receiving bay, a family worker begins working the pole on the custom lathe. The lathe was created to provide the best way to continually work the pole from a large size to a manageable size. It also removes warping by finding the core of the pole. Each pole is measured and sized before going to role pole sanding.

After lathing, we send logs through the Round-pole sanding machine to give them a smooth finish and bring them to their final size. This is an especially important step that allows us to make the furniture well-fitting and snugly framed together.

When the furniture piece has been drilled and assembled, it is moved into the "paint" room to be sprayed with one coat of fine lacquer. After this layer has dried, it is hand-sanded smooth again and double checked for inconsistencies. A second layer of lacquer is then carefully applied and allowed to dry overnight. From here, it is moved into the main room and blown off with compressed air to remove any lasting shavings. Our furniture is then done and ready to be picked up or shipped.



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